Oh, HI, everyone. You are, as I suspect, completely freaking out about the future of the world, which is looking something like the end of an Aramageddon scene in a Hollywood blockbuster that’s not even very well acted, and I am actually a beautiful person who desires to improve this situation before it’s impossible to … More THE GLOBAL CRISES WE ARE COLLECTIVELY FACING RIGHT NOW

Higher Plains

I want to go to the highest places Near to God Away from faces of judgement And faces that are fearful Each to their own None too selfish Thinking of yesterday Is a waste of time Higher Plains

‘The ROSE’

A sample from The Religion of Self-Enlightenment: “The opposite of vampires are those who live in life’s shadows: the vampires are easily seen The crux of normalcy is dishonesty Reality is neither what it seems Nor what it seems not Heroes are for people who need them Trying to find your centre is like trying … More ‘The ROSE’


I read an article once which claimed to know the current whereabouts of Tsar Nicholas II’s soul. And the answer was that it is in the body of David Beckham. David Beckham is one lucky fella. He has won the leagues for all four clubs that he has played for – and not only won … More Reincarnation