The Religion of Self-Enlightenment: A Sample

Buy ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’on Amazon:! Here is a sample: “The Doctor, with his scientific knowledge and practical stance soon emerged as the perfect sparring partner for Carrick. ‘James’, whoever he was, was not heard of again. A dynamic became established between them, with the Doctor arguing for science and Carrick probing into spirituality. … More The Religion of Self-Enlightenment: A Sample

‘The ROSE’

‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ is about a man named Carrick, who writes a new religion. It is now available to purchase on Amazon: Here is a sample… “Carrick?” “Yes?” “There was something you asked me which I have been thinking about a great deal. It was phrased something like this: had I loved someone … More ‘The ROSE’

‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’

Here are five chapters of my debut novel, ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’. You can purchase the novel on Amazon now: Love, Emily ONE He was the kind of person who has forgotten why he is here. He was boring, and proudly so. Every ounce of ingredients the world had thrown at Carrick Ares had been … More ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’