My first novel, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, is about to be published by the London publishing house, Olympia Publishers! It is a story in which an insane man believes that he has the answers to life and writes a new religion: The Religion of Self-Enlightenment. I signed the publishing deal and cannot wait for the … More Books

The Religion of Self-Enlightenment is available on Amazon!!!

I have been offered a publishing deal which will be signed in November and in the meanwhile I will be promoting my first novel until my phone runs out of battery, ha. My book took me five years to write. It is the story of a man called Carrick. He has a Near-Death Experience and … More The Religion of Self-Enlightenment is available on Amazon!!!

The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’s Publishing Contract

IN THE NEWS TODAY: ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ is being published and the contract is being signed on November the 12th! I am so excited, and I hope that it will be a successful and respected¬†novel!!!! For now please buy the first editions here:¬† With love, Emily