Oh, HI, everyone. You are, as I suspect, completely freaking out about the future of the world, which is looking something like the end of an Aramageddon scene in a Hollywood blockbuster that’s not even very well acted, and I am actually a beautiful person who desires to improve this situation before it’s impossible to … More THE GLOBAL CRISES WE ARE COLLECTIVELY FACING RIGHT NOW

The End of The USA

Way back in time the States’ demise was predicted. China was the new superpower, they said. Yet it is now possible that the Yoo Ess Ay is no longer the global influence it was. The potential election of Donald Trump is an afront to all who believed, even vaguely and unconsciously, that the USA had anything … More The End of The USA


Halloween. Dressing up as witches with their broomsticks and saying ‘trickle treat’ to strangers who pretend to be entertained. Never having a trick. Except to not understand what you are saying, being or doing. An incarnate trick! It’s an introduction to the insanity of adulthood. A coercion to obey shadow-like ideas. The revolving doors of … More Halloween

Jeremy Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn spoke for the first time after becoming Labour leader in a landslide victory, his way of presenting himself, his idealism, his grounded ambition caused me to cry. The years since Tony Blair or Nick Clegg inspired any kind of hope for a better political landscape have been a struggle in terms of … More Jeremy Corbyn