Oh, HI, everyone. You are, as I suspect, completely freaking out about the future of the world, which is looking something like the end of an Aramageddon scene in a Hollywood blockbuster that’s not even very well acted, and I am actually a beautiful person who desires to improve this situation before it’s impossible to … More THE GLOBAL CRISES WE ARE COLLECTIVELY FACING RIGHT NOW

Isis Terrorists

The Islamic State is not a group that is aligned in any way with Islam. It is a terrorist group which is the most insane, violent, a-political and illogical bunch of dickheads ever. The Russians are a mad and violent bully, in personified form. Someone must stop Isis, though. Russia and America will not be … More Isis Terrorists

The Ingestion Of A Scone Saw an art piece Showed Isis as mice Really? Is this the state of art these days? Revealing of the piercing howl of human indifference Which is evidenced in almost all of our cultures? No. More shit lapped up and clapped at with indifference A deep and spiritual gratitude’s shadow is visible in the … More The Ingestion Of A Scone