If I could turn back time I’d make it so that you’d always be mine Walk through the forest of life with me, love With your eyes wide Not blind like these people have caused our eyes to be To cope It’s too hard to deal with love I am a shell of you; I … More Heartbroken

The River of Love

Jump into the river of love Dream a thousand dreams through the day and stay totally and completely alive I will keep you alive – that’s love Jump into the sun It’s a reflection on a water surface And listen to the breeze Tell you all of the beautiful things you’ve done Oh the beautiful … More The River of Love

Higher Plains

I want to go to the highest places Near to God Away from faces of judgement And faces that are fearful Each to their own None too selfish Thinking of yesterday Is a waste of time Higher Plains

Come Around

Come around We’ll make the day’s hours And the night ours Look at these people Give away life It’s ours for the taking Make me into a Queen You can be my King Let’s sit upon thrones of our fantasies

A Sample From The Religion of Self-Enlightenment

My book, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, is a story of belief and suffering. It centres on a Near-Death Experience which causes a man called Carrick to question his existence and perceptions. He believes he has found the answers to all the questions of life, and he writes them down in a book called The Religion … More A Sample From The Religion of Self-Enlightenment