‘The ROSE’

‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ is about a man named Carrick, who writes a new religion. It is now available to purchase on Amazon: http://abv8.me/4m4. Here is a sample… “Carrick?” “Yes?” “There was something you asked me which I have been thinking about a great deal. It was phrased something like this: had I loved someone … More ‘The ROSE’

The Religion of Self-Enlightenment: A Sample

The Religion of Self-Enlightenment is a novel about a man called Carrick, who believes he has found the meaning of life. He writes a new religion called The Religion of Self-Enlightenment. The religion he writes is one of love, peace and harmony. The following sample features a discussion between Carrick and his psychiatrist, Paul Turnstone. … More The Religion of Self-Enlightenment: A Sample