Promoting The ROSE in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester and Glastonbury

I have promoted The ROSE or THE RELIGION OF SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT, in Cambridge and Glastonbury! Cambridge’s incredibly sweet bookshop, G David, will have three signed copies and Waterstone’s sell it. The Speaking Tree and Labyrinth in Glastonbury have copies and may well stock it soon because it’s awesome! E J Morton, Manchester will be selling copies. … More Promoting The ROSE in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester and Glastonbury

Cambridge News Article

Dear reader, My debut newspaper article appeared in November after some promotion around Britain, and I have only just seen it! Here is a copy which features Noel Gallagher, Kevin Costner, Dances With Wolves, books and the admiration of literary skills! The Religion of Self-Enlightenment has previously sold out on Waterstones and Amazon, and we … More Cambridge News Article

The End of The USA

Way back in time the States’ demise was predicted. China was the new superpower, they said. Yet it is now possible that the Yoo Ess Ay is no longer the global influence it was. The potential election of Donald Trump is an afront to all who believed, even vaguely and unconsciously, that the USA had anything … More The End of The USA

Come Around

Come around We’ll make the day’s hours And the night ours Look at these people Give away life It’s ours for the taking Make me into a Queen You can be my King Let’s sit upon thrones of our fantasies