Promoting The ROSE in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester and Glastonbury

I have promoted The ROSE or THE RELIGION OF SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT, in Cambridge and Glastonbury! Cambridge’s incredibly sweet bookshop, G David, will have three signed copies and Waterstone’s sell it. The Speaking Tree and Labyrinth in Glastonbury have copies and may well stock it soon because it’s awesome! E J Morton, Manchester will be selling copies. … More Promoting The ROSE in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester and Glastonbury


An exploration of dignity and gracious palace of poverty Plunder deep and silent English lover of words and purses You are the only man I love with all my life and soul and heart and mind; Pain was all that came, and my lover’s God Beautiful words are often found with careful exploration and strength … More Kindness

Higher Plains

I want to go to the highest places Near to God Away from faces of judgement And faces that are fearful Each to their own None too selfish Thinking of yesterday Is a waste of time Higher Plains


My first novel, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, is about to be published by the London publishing house, Olympia Publishers! It is a story in which an insane man believes that he has the answers to life and writes a new religion: The Religion of Self-Enlightenment. I signed the publishing deal and cannot wait for the … More Books