Terrorism and The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’s Promotion!

Dear all,

It’s really frustrating that terrorists are killing and traumatising our entire population when my book can be the cultural response that we are all waiting to happen. It took nearly a decade to edit and produce The Religion of Self-Enlightenment and I predicted this would all happen before anyone else did. I also predict the future of our culture and I think this book is about to be extremely successful in that it’s about to be made available in international book shops and it’s available online at Waterstone’s already!

The book is selling well although it’s not reviewed and it’s only had a few newspaper articles, television appearances and radio interviews in Liverpool and Cambridge. Could you promote in order to produce a cultural response to terrorism or is that too much to ask from people intent on sitting around eating pot noodles and expecting the environment and the terrorists to not be a problem anymore!!

You can share cat videos and football ideas on Social Media and anything irrelevant but there is a fear about saying anything real that’s upsetting because we have to talk about the more challenging aspects of love, happiness and peace at some point in time.

Eight years of effort has not been wasted. This book is available as the terrorists advance and although I am a woman, I am 32 and I have a Jewish surname I am quite capable of becoming the celebrtity or writer we all hope to see.

It’s available for 6.99 and it’s excellent beyond words which may be of interest to readers and fans of literature in general.


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