‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ is OUT NOW and you can all buy it before the world’s ended


Dear reader or readers. Whatever. Look at the photos above and understand that I care for the world’s population and all of its animals as well as the catastrophes of religion and spirituality that we are facing, which do my head in to think about when all we are encouraged to speak about without being afraid is shoes and television! 😀

I hate every aspect of our culture. We are dying in terms of poetry and literature and you cannot even purchase a book for 6.99 that’s designed specifically to save this planet.

Well, enjoy hell and the consequences of your actions. I will have to endure the news about terrorists bombing innocent people and the entire world focusing on shoes. It’s about even, I’d say? 🙂

Those who have purchased it say very eloquent and lovely compliments about my life’s endeavours, and it makes me elated to read.

Find my book here or on Amazon or on the website of Waterstones: https://olympiapublishers.com/books/the-religion-of-self-enlightenment-

Love, Emily


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