Oh, HI, everyone. You are, as I suspect, completely freaking out about the future of the world, which is looking something like the end of an Aramageddon scene in a Hollywood blockbuster that’s not even very well acted, and I am actually a beautiful person who desires to improve this situation before it’s impossible to rectify!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was growing up I became enamoured with various idiots on the television and the radio, yet now I am an adult it’s important that we improve the lives of those around us.

We live to develop as spiritual and eternal beings, and I do not mince words. We reincarnate with important missions and messages to deliver, which each experience when we meet our romantic partners, hear our first child’s first words, attend our loving friend’s first invites to their birthday parties; these experiences all have a spiritual resonance which we feel eternally. I do not want to live in a world that is superficial and that respresses the deeply important things we all experience which change all of our lives, and the cultures we live in, which are now struggling to perpetuate what the forebearers of our civilisation held dear.

What will we do? I know what we need to do. Let’s help one another and promote the ways of life that we hold dear. We can all help the animals, the starving millions, the cruelty and injustices which are affecting all of us. Why do you not purchase a book that’s designed to help all of our world. My novel, The R.O.S.E. is about a new religion of peace, love and happiness that after eight years has now been released and become vaguely successful.

I have been on Mill Road Television and Radio City, Liverpool. I have been on Cambridge105fm and in the Cambridge News. Can everyone please promote my novel and buy it before every animal species is extinct and all the world’s destroyed by terrorism, extremism, religious confusions, philosophic bullying and sexism?

It’s really doing my head in to listen to the radio and television which has only boring people saying boring things about their past achievements when I have two books coming which are designed to improve our existences and those of every organism that will ever really and truly be permitted to live on this planet!!jesus-and-meMe, Emily B Scialom (pronounced Shalom), in Paradise Nature Reserve, Newnham. There appears to be Jesus Christ in Paradise’s waters next to me? 🙂

I don’t even have anything to say without swearing because I am so annoyed to listen to ISIS’s advances, Trump and his plans and the immigration situations that are happening everywhere. Our government’s a useless sack of crap that has no polcies and hasn’t since it got elected. We need leaders that are able to promote ideas that nourish our world and help everyone in it rather than hurt us.

Could you share this article and buy my novel, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, before it’s too late and we’re sitting around thinking that our lives are meaningless and taking drugs to numb our spirits into non-existence that somehow ignites a sensation of being alive.



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