The Religion of Self-Enlightenment: Update!

My first book, The ROSE or The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, is a fiction novel about a new religion and the man that writes it. It took me a whole five years to write. I have spent every waking second thinking about my book since it was first dreamt of in 2008. Now it’s available! It’s dedicated To You and I hope that it will help this planet and its struggles and strife with regards to spiritual development.

I know I am a woman. I know I have a Hebrew surname (Shalom), yet that does not inhibit me from challenging the ideas about religion that permeate our culture. The Religion of Self-Enlightenment is about a man, Carrick, that writes a new religion. It’s about peace, love and happiness. It features a lot of thoughts about how to heal the world’s conflicts, both human, environmental and metaphysical. It’s been at various points sold out on Amazon and on the Waterstones’ website despite not appearing in shops. It is now available in its first general public library, the Barbican Library! I appeared on Cambridge’s Mill Road Television and on Cambridge 105fm twice. In my previous city of residence, Liverpool, the station Radio City broadcast an interview about my novel and its author. I have featured in the Cambridge News newspaper that I have previously worked for. I’ve received brilliantly awesome fan mail from America all the way to Australia, and it sold in four continents previously to signing the awesome publishing deal with Olympia. I’ve actually seemingly become quite famous. I would love to become very, very famous, and am looking to. I read and write constantly in order to become the writer I have every potential to become, and would love the chance to promote the book around the world and to talk about the catastrophes we collectively and individually are facing these days!

The River or The Rivers will be the name of my second novel, and it will be about hating the Tories and sex. It talks about the horror of the George W Bush era, the Iraq war, the beauty of love, the infinitely complicated subjects of sexuality and how to become good adults. I hope my second book will be published soon!




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