Refugees and the silence

The refugees are flooding towards Europe in record numbers which are growing every second of every day we sit and do nothing about it.

The solution would be to establish temporary cities and then to resolve the situation in Syria. Then people will be able to survive the terrible tragedy. It is appalling to think that people voted in George W Bush and David Cameron twice. The same attitude which allows Americans to carry a hand gun to Church is what supports the murder of Syrians and Afghanistanians and British soldiers and Iraqis and it is the same attitude which is carrying the distilled lunacy of Donald Trump to probable election victory.

What point to speak, I hear you cry? Oh, actually. I hear the Syrians cry, and I cried for those who want so badly to improve the lives of those around them.

Speaking of temporary cities and resolving situations, it is the 71st anniversay of the liberation of Aushwitz and I had no idea until now. That is because there is a silence about the history that we as a race are experiencing the consequences of. It is deafening me.

I hope that we can help the Syrians.

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