The Consequences of George W. Bush’s Reign as President of the United States of America

George W. Bush had no right to run for President. He showed no signs of political competence, no notable talents for public speaking or anything at all. He was simply the son of a President who was a complete asshole.

After the Iraq invasions the world is in a precarious state. The entire Middle East region from Iraq to Egypt is a mess. Nobody knows if the situation will be peacefully resolved, and those responsible are not the decision makers anymore.

George W. Bush being voted in for a second term caused me to cry when watching the results. Along with millions of people I presumed it had been an error. Surely a man who invents words like ‘misunderestimate’ will not be in charge of the most powerful and advanced nation on Earth? For eight years?

The time has come to seriously question the States’ ability to be the main superpower on the planet. It’s not. And the election of George W. Douche was a part of that downgrading.

He initiated some of the worst global events to take place in history, and then he forced the nations which were weak enough to agree to them to both allow him to do it and worse, to support those decisions. It is the same as voting for murder to vote for George W. bush, and those who voted for him should be ashamed of themselves. I hope to God that the mistakes are not habits. Donald Trump’s rise to power will be stopped unless we want another Nazi party situation on our hands. The ignorance of the spectrum of human beliefs that Trump appeals to seems to hold force and weight. The people are seemingly happily voting for someone who encourages injustice, war and inequality. Where is Noah’s ark?!

Democracy’s clearly waning given that only war mongerers will be running for President in these times. The peace which people are claiming to yearn for will not be achieved with these kinds of sub-humans in positions of any kind of power, and the legacy of the evil decision to allow George W. Bush to be in charge of the United States will be felt for the foreseeable future.

Many tears are being shed as a result of this man’s life, and the decision of the American people to elevate him to any position of influence was insane. The election of Bush was an absolute and total catastrophe for the Middle East and the world. The global threats posed in 2016 are beyond the limited understanding of those who voted for such a man, and one cannot fathom the pain that will continue to be experienced as a result of Bush’s life and reign as President of the United States of America.

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