Isis Terrorists


The Islamic State is not a group that is aligned in any way with Islam. It is a terrorist group which is the most insane, violent, a-political and illogical bunch of dickheads ever.

The Russians are a mad and violent bully, in personified form. Someone must stop Isis, though. Russia and America will not be the only countries which need to be called upon with Isis’s demented progress being left unchecked and unhindered. It is crazy to not take drastic action to stop the terrorism and madness of Isis!

Britain must do something to help the people in Syria and those in danger of being harmed by Isis and terrorists on general. The country must attempt to intervene. It would be an act with good intentions, whether it works out or not. These are violent maniacs who are going to grow out of control if the world’s indifference and sensitivities cannot be dramatically altered.

imageHundreds and thousands of people are in danger and hundreds have already met gruesome fates; fates which could be averted for those now in the way of Isis and the Western world. Isis is a physical danger to the world, a group of criminals and lunatics. There will be very real, brutal and ghastly consequences if Isis isn’t stopped.

It is up to you to save the lives of those at risk of harm.


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