The Religion of Self-Enlightenment is available on Amazon!!!


I have been offered a publishing deal which will be signed in November and in the meanwhile I will be promoting my first novel until my phone runs out of battery, ha.

My book took me five years to write. It is the story of a man called Carrick. He has a Near-Death Experience and then writes a new religion based on love, peace and compassion.

Buy the book on Amazon:!!!!!

Here is a sample from the book:

“Controlling People Using the Words of Belief

Whoever defines the language of belief has power over people’s internal and external lives. It is often those in positions of authority who define them. Theirs are the voices with microphones. And as such definitions are also commonly defined by force. These are the people with the readiest access to such violence, be it physical or mental or spiritual. The rich and powerful, with their privileged influence over the sources others use for information – be they television or films or radio or any of the other mediums that form the veins of the human race’s metaphorical body – are able to promote their own particular ideas. The promoted information will then be used to construct humankind’s collective and individual pathways. These people with power can never be wrong: they define what is wrong. All that matters is who has the loudest, most powerful, and most far-reaching voice, for this is what establishes which ideas of truth and goodness are accepted and which get side-lined. Words are reduced to prostitutes to the powerful and rich; ‘peace’ is just a coin in a rich man’s pocket.
Yet even within each person words can change meanings without changing labels. Pathways can be long, twisting and hard to walk on when one accepts a faulty groundwork for them. But nobody can learn what is right for them without finding out what is wrong for them. It is important to forgive mistakes. Mistakes are lessons in disguise. Yet with humans’ polarized notion of truth and lies, if a person finds out they have been walking a way that is wrong for them, or have laid stones which were not strong, the only option is to go from believing you were ‘right’ and doing ‘good’, to the polar opposite of feeling everything has been ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’ and ‘untrue’. This is cruel. It dismisses what they have put effort into as something that wasted time or led a ‘bad’ way.
This makes it hard to change direction. To ask people wholly to abandon their previously held truth is to encourage people to be unwilling to change at all, to grip tightly to their previous ways and get defensive about any idea that has not seemed to work as they desired.
It is the polarity in human words that makes change so unappealing. If one sees the truth as akin to a destination on a pathway, with slopes, and bends, and one simply makes a turn as opposed to abandoning the previous pathway, the concept is gentler. The uncompromising attitude which results from human’s use of words does not affect only people’s relationships with one another, but also people’s attitudes toward their own choices, and their wider relationship to their own self. People change incessantly, but the terms ‘truth’, ‘good’, ‘right’, ‘holy’ and so on actually discourage the opening up of this process.
Yet the combination of being discouraged from changing, together with the ability to reconfigure the definition of words so they do not need to change, forces people to continue down their pathway without ever truly directing it. The only time they can do so is when disaster strikes, or when something takes place that is utterly unbelievable according to their current way of living and thinking.
In individual lives this can be seen in the way a religious person can lose faith after a relative or close friend dies suddenly, or a scientific person ‘finds God’ and feels that they had missed the whole reason for living before that time. The point is that beliefs are formed by facts, and the facts at such individuals’ disposal have suddenly changed. They perhaps were not ‘wrong’ before.”


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