The Capitalist World

Today I worked with the same people I always do and they are 1000 times more awful than I could explain. There were two girls who bounced off one another intellectually. Their point was that women should find a rich man and marry him and that was dreamland for them. I feel alone with those people.

I want my soul, mind and kindness to be prioritised. I want wisdom, beauty, etc. The capitalist world is ruinous.

And the worst thing I find about people is that cruelty that lurks in them, and is waiting to be activated with a simple moment of error or misunderstanding. In the same way the love they have can be activated and that is good. Yet it makes me run a marathon to activate the better side of them and to hold them in that mindset and to not encourage the idea that cruelty is the normal attitude to have towards those you see. And I would never say to people their mistakes or lack of erudition because even in pointing out a small and meaningless physically provable incident they will devolve into the parasites they are.

I just don’t want anyone near me unless they are kind and trustworthy beyond the ideas that are promoted in the world. According to my standards.


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