A Sample of The Religion of Self-Enlightenment!

I spent five years writing my novel, ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’. It is about a man called Carrick who writes a new religion. Here is the start of the religion he writes:

“A Conversation about Belief

If you put two human beings from different parts of the world in a room together and tell them they may speak, but only of the weather, they may find that one of them likes the sun better, while the other prefers snow. They may even find the differences between their views interesting. They would certainly not fight over such a thing. Yet if you asked them to discuss their beliefs about life, there is a high chance they would find something to argue about.
In the most extreme instance, depending on their specific beliefs about life (and death, of course), one of them might even physically harm the other to prove something about the sun or snow.
Yet this is hard to understand, given that every individual sees life slightly differently. Each person has a unique combination of ideas and beliefs which have been mixed together through their experience of life. If someone has been brought up in nature by parents who shielded them from civilization, for example, it is unlikely that they will become religious should they be one of the people speaking in that room.
There is a crucial link between the many belief systems which dominate the world, and that is their intolerance. They cannot accept that people might have their own ideas, and therefore will argue about that which binds them all – what it is to be alive, and what happens afterward. And there are many sub-divisions of such belief, many sticking points to provoke hatred and intolerance, with each reducing the possibility of peace in the room.
There are several things which cause this ideological aggression, which must be discussed and brought to an end if people wish for such ways of thinking no longer to plague humanity. The first of these is the most obvious: the words and language that it employs.”

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