A Sample From The Religion of Self-Enlightenment

My book, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, is a story of belief and suffering. It centres on a Near-Death Experience which causes a man called Carrick to question his existence and perceptions. He believes he has found the answers to all the questions of life, and he writes them down in a book called The Religion of Self-Enlightenment. It is a belief system advocating kindness and unity, respect and reincarnation. He dies happier because he tries to save the world!

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Here is a sample:

“A New Concept of the Truth

Shifting an internally created idea back to an inner source is the only reasonable solution. Every external fact that has ever been posited must have once been an internal fact. For example, Isaac Newton became aware of gravity when he watched an apple fall to the ground from a tree and propelled the concept from his inner world to explain this having happened. Truth comes from within in its purest sense.
There are external facts of many kinds, however. Everyone is looking to provide them, from religious institutions to governments to schools to neighbours. They all want people to build their pathways with the paving stones they have given them. This is because in accepting another’s fact as building material, people are purchasing it with what that which many people value in the external world: power. This is the currency of the exchange of facts.
Some people have good intentions, however. When a mother teaches her child not to run in the road she is not looking to harvest that child’s power, but to plant a seed in teaching the child to be aware and to know where harm is potentially coming from and what to do to avoid it. The child will carry such knowledge and nurture it to empower another in turn. There are thus essentially two types of facts – those which disempower and those which empower.
If a person has bad quality paving stones, their paths are unstable or painful. They can feel like they will fall through or cut themselves. This can be uncomfortable and dangerous, terrifying and precarious, and so the emphasis must be on the security of the ‘facts’ people walk on. Many people are walking on poor quality stones. Some people don’t build anymore and so have stopped accepting any new information and remain at a stand-still. They know they are safe because they have been there a long time. This is their choice, however. They may do as they please on their journey.
The price of regaining the power over one’s self is to release the idea of having power over anyone else. This seems an expensive price to pay, however, because some people do not have a sense of their own power apart from their extensive power over another. Religious people would then be like ordinary people, bosses would just be ordinary people. All would be equal as humans.”


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