Russell Brand And His Transformations


I am an intuitive and sensitive person. I am prone to gather ideas like a whale gathers fish, from the universe. That is, while working at ridiculous places and pretending to not desire revolutions!

I felt the desire, rightly (write-ly!) or wrongly, to speak about Russell Brand. I feel that he is in trouble. I see his sad, shark-like face and think of the journey of life.

He tried so hard to start a revolution, and he made a huge cultural wave that achieved less than nothing. I think it is distracting people from the need to take action themselves, and a celebrity’s attempts to cause global cultural change seems faintly absurd.

He must be swanning around somewhere, sensing that all his cultural pushing and shoving has not amounted to anything that he truly desired, and in fact only proves that celebrities cannot change things.

They can only change their clothes.This is not the way to change the world. The way to change the world is through the connection of the people. It is through the communions of those who think alike and share compassionate traits which can be enhanced through their connection.

The internet can provide a basis for global action and change.


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