Followers And Book

Good morning!

I have awoken to the news that yesterday was my best day ever for blog post likes, and I want to say a big thank you to all those who are reading my posts these days. It means the world to me to feel heard and empathised with, and the connection between people is truly why we are here!

I want to write more blog posts, more poems and more books. I recently got a publishing deal for my first book, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, and I want to promote it on blogs and social media. You can find it on Amazon at the moment. You should buy it because it gives people multiple orgasms and a boob job and a longer life. To be honest, people from several continents have bought the book. It makes me ecstatic to know that my words are being read and I cannot tell you how much effort I am putting into the words I write. You are the recipients of my dreams, my screams and everything in between. I would like to continue to grow in terms of my ability to communicate through blog posts, books and poetry. If you would like to continue to read my words then I am truly honoured! I cannot recommend my book highly enough, and if you want to support me then please buy the book!


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