Jeremy Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn spoke for the first time after becoming Labour leader in a landslide victory, his way of presenting himself, his idealism, his grounded ambition caused me to cry.

The years since Tony Blair or Nick Clegg inspired any kind of hope for a better political landscape have been a struggle in terms of keeping one’s faith alive. With Corbyn, you feel the same urgent, pressing celebration for the arrival of someone with kindness and intelligence, who will perhaps make the changes that need to happen real.

He is obviously different to the standard political blueprint. He speaks like he is a human being. He seems to understand the consequences of the ideas he projects into the public realms, and he sure as hell knows how to survive a fight.

The love that his supporters have for him is like the coming of spring. People can relate to a person in the public sphere and not hate every word that he or she speaks. It is a fresh and optimistic time.

Corbyn’s success is now out-of-hand, and no amount of hatred towards him or the people who support him is going to stop the process from progressing.


The democratic process is obviously a threat to the ideals of the politicians themselves, embroiled as they are in scandals involving arms trades, private hedge funds, cover ups, and prejudice against the poor and disabled, among other things.

The thought that a person with integrity and strength of mind is now let loose on the public repulses the press, the Tories and many voters. The Press are revealing their distrust of all things good and morally admirable, and the environmental and political catastrophes that are all around us look set to be actually challenged at long last. Woe betide those who give any time of day to the man who aims to change the world, the doubters scream!

Yet taking one look at the people who doubt Corbyn’s capacity to improve the lives of the ordinary people is to reveal the truth of the whole process.

The Sun newspaper’s violent and personally nasty portrayals of Corbyn are based on facts as false as the woman on Page 3’s mammary glands. The attacks on Corbyn are an inevitable cosnequence of his spirited pursuit of a better state of affairs.

Why do we permit Rupert Murdoch to control the newspapers and the mindsets of millions and millions of ordinary people?

There is clearly a conspiracy to keep people stupid, and to keep anyone who is awake and free far away from the public domain. Corbyn’s ascension is aptly timed, given the retreat of the far-Left’s previous and less mentally sound talisman, Russell ‘ego-a-go-go’ bloody Brand.


Russell Brand’s attempts to lead the world to a better future were, in retrospect, a very interesting, engaging attempt to rally the Left. Yet entertainment industry figures, super-rich and honest, promoting kind and moral political change was seemingly impossible.

Corbyn is, perhaps, a better choice for leader of the cultural left-wing movement.

Hopefully he can evoke some of the changes that Britain, the world, and I are truly crying out for.


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