Le Sexiest Song Dans Le Beatles?

imageIt’s the question that simply has to be answered: what IS the sexiest ever Beatles song?

I ask the important, pressing questions, I know. I ask the questions that no person can bring themselves to even think…

And the answer is usually ‘Love You To’, which features the closing message: “Make love all day long/Make love singing songs.”

‘Dig A Pony’ is my answer today, however:

‘Don’t Let Me Down’ clearly steals the show (most days) with the clarity in the lines:

“And from the first time that she really done me/Oh, she done me, she done me good.”

However, the Blatantly Sexual Lyric Award has to be ‘Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?’, which as you can see would not win any competition to do with sexiness. It is probably disqualified due to a lack of anything resembling tact and subtlety. And that is before you get to the song, which is not at all sexy:

‘I Want You’ would also be quite sexy to a nun:

With the lyrics of George and the desire of John the perfect sexy song can be found…

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