What Is Going on With The Human Race?

“If you look at the humanitarian budget all over the world, it is somewhere between $20bn and $30bn. I don’t know any bailout of even a medium-sized bank that did not cost more than that.”

I read the above statement with disgust today. The public funding that was poured into the banking system’s recuperation was shocking. Yet to compare that to the aid budget is to understand the extent of the crisis.

The world is struggling because there are no leaders. And the lack of people with good hearts – or even hearts – in the public eye is causing a panic to spread among people, and rightly so. It is no accident that those in the public eye are stupid, greedy and selfish: the press, the politicians and the people themselves make sure that these are the types of people who are visible to the public.

It is a conspiracy to keep people stupid; like the baby in the Nirvana album cover, we reach for the metaphorical and literal dollar bill without a clue about the purpose behind the act.

Without any political figures and cultural awareness of these situations they will continue to worsen. The encouragement people receive in terms of social media engagement, retail participation and emotional engagement with sporting events is incomparable to the encouragement people receive with regards to the environmental catastrophe which is happening all around us.

Peter Hitchens, the well-known journalist and brother of the author Christopher, says ‘The UK is finished’ (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/video/2015/sep/07/the-uk-is-finished-owen-jones-meets-peter-hitchens-video), and that in a few years our history will be written in Chinese. It is an extreme statement. Yet there is a sound reasoning within his point.

The UK is culturally confused. In the post-Empire days it has become too shy to impose itself upon other nations ideologically or culturally. The United States became its big brother and whilst the populace railed against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the political machine over-ruled the largest protests in history. These wars continue to plague Britain and its global reputation.

We produce very little music or entertainment in comparison to previous eras. The immigration of millions has caused changes to the fabric of the British culture which people struggle to adjust to. Much like the death of Our Cilla.

Having been to the States twice, I can say that Americans are not ignorant, bullying, obese people. I stand up for their reputation to almost everyone who utters a word about the continent. Yet their reputation precedes them. The individuals who bother to fight to make the world less painful are often unheard. All the while Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber continue to rise in terms of influence and fame.

As with the US government and its foreign policy, the people of the MIddle East have a right to be angry about either the West’s involvement in the atrocities that go on there or their lack of successful intervention. The public do not get to vote about the arms deals that happen behind closed doors, the private investments that are made or the webs of connections and conspirators. Essentially though, we want a peaceful world.

The number of displaced and distressed poor people all around the world suggests a seriously broken system. And the lack of people to rise against those who are causing the problems suggests that something drastic must be done to change the education of children and the politicians who are actively participating in the destruction of the world and its various elements: animals, people, the land.

People have to engage with the problems. Then they would be healed rather than worsened.


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